Alt Takeaway cups Eco friendly disposable quality takeaway cups available in range of sizes to suit your Coffee shops, Restaurants and cafes. These cups has lining on the top to protect beverage from spilling and making it easy to hold and enjoy your coffee. Learn more Alt Pizza Boxes Pizza packaging is a folding packaging box made of corrugated fiberboard and with additional liner to prevent the grease from absorbing to the pizza box. Perfect box to keep your pizza hot, fresh and steady for takeaway and delivery. Learn more Alt Wooden Cutlery The best benefit of wooden Cutlery, it is made of natural renewable material and a perfect alternative. Wooden cutlery are available in various sizes to suit all your food industry requirements. Learn more Alt Range of Kraft products Kraft paper products are brown-colored material made from a unique process that is more durable than standard paper products. Kraft products are available in range of Kraft lunch boxes, macron boxes and paper bags. These are perfect products for Restaurants, cafes, hotels and for all your take away. Learn more


Our Green Pledge

We pledge to offer high-quality eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging products, thereby promoting sustainability and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Through this promise, our goal is to play our part in lessening the environmental footprint and making a positive impact with brand Critco!

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From Plants

Eco-Friendly Food

100% Compostable Paper Bags

Helping you make greener choices with your food packaging

About Critco Lanka

CRITCO has long been a formidable force in the single-use (disposable) Food Packaging industry with a range of innovative and eco-friendly products under its portfolio. Today, the company possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in importing and marketing premium quality packaging products and has earned the trust of many corporate giants, including retail customers.


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