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9 inch Bagasse Plate-RND

9 inch Bagasse Plate-RND

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  • Bagasse plate is made from reclaimed sugarcane fibers.
  • Helps to protect the planet by reducing deforestation.
  • Bagasse plates are designed to reduce your carbon footprints while providing the convenience of single-use serving-ware.
  • These 100% compostable plates will degrade back to organic compost material and can then be used for fertilizer.
  • These products are the perfect alternative for plastic, which pollutes the planet.
  • The 10" bagasse round plate main benefits are thicker, sturdier and more rigid than the traditional paper plates.
  • Bagasse plates are oven & freezer safe and cut grease and oil resistant.
  • Space efficient stacking for ease of storage.
  • It is a naturally degradable eco-friendly product.
  • It is an ideal product for Restaurants, Food trucks, Take out orders and catering.
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